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Tips On Choosing Wonderful Winter Fashions You Want To Know

When the days grow shorter and the weather grows colder, you know it’s time to bring out your winter wardrobe! Usually, piece of your winter wardrobe can be worn year after year, so keep this in mind when you are purchasing new or replacement items. You may need to spend a bit more money on items made from quality materials, but your investment today will allow you to wear these pieces winter after winter. All winter wardrobes need four key pieces that you can add a variety of accessories to in order to create unique outfits each and every time. Also applies to your home to with furniture throws cushions also. But back to clothes. Winter clothing can be a bit more costly due to the materials used, so the ability to stretch your wardrobe as far as possible is key for those on a tight budget. You

winter wardrobe should include:
1.) A cozy winter coat – Know how to select the right coat
Few things are more rewarding than slipping into a warm, cozy coat before walking out into the wind and inclimate weather. The most adaptable coat is by far a wool number that you can transition from casual wear with your favorite jeans to business wear as a topper for a smart suit to formal wear as a way to keep you warm while attending all those holiday parties. Whatever coat you decide to purchase, find one that is classic enough to last you season after season so that it will not have to be replaced next year since it is out of style.
2.) Classic wool pants to die for
A great pair of wool pants is perfect for a day at the office or a night at a lovely restaurant. Purchase a pair that will last you year after year, so ensure the texture, color, and style are classic enough to get the most wear for your money. Be sure that the pants are fully lined to as to avoid any potential itchiness or bulkiness that is usually associated with unlined pants. Also, make sure the length is correct so that you do not drag the hem through the slush and snow.
3.) Velvet skirt savvy
Winter is usually associated with an onslaught of holiday parties. Velvet is not just for Velvet cushion covers. Its also great for clothes. Finding that perfect velvet skirt is an excellent staple that will allow you wear year after year. Choose a skirt that is pure velvet and not a man made fabric that will not hold up to continual wear. Also, look for a length that is classic and will not need raising or lowering to fit the hemline fads of that specific year.

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Exfoliate For Amazing Movie Star Skin

Exfoliation is a simple idea and has long been a trick of the professional stylist’s trade, but only recently has exfoliation hit the mainstream. When you exfoliate your skin you buff away the dead skin cells that linger on the top of your face, thereby revealing a glowing layer of fresh, young skin. The layers of new skin that your face produces are smooth and soft, and are the perfect surface for flawless makeup application. If you are troubled by flaky areas on your face, or if you find your makeup clumping rather than settling evenly onto the natural contours of your nose, cheeks, and chin, exfoliation may be the answer to your beauty woes.

The most affordable and convenient way to exfoliate is at home with an over-the-counter facial scrub. A scrub containing small, abrasive granules of sugar, crushe

walnut shell, or oatmeal can help you whisk away dead skin cells on your face and body. For best results, thoroughly cleanse your face with warm water; then apply the scrub using your fingertips. Draw small circles with your fingers all over your face to gently buff away the dead skin. Splash your face with cool water, pat dry, and enjoy the healthy look of your radiant complexion. Exfoliating helps keep your best looking skin out in the open where everyone can see it, instead of trapped under a thin layer of dead skin cells that can obscure your natural beauty.

For a more complete exfoliation, visit a cosmetologist or a plastic surgeon that specializes in microdermabrasion. This unique treatment makes use of modern technology to give you the most thorough possible exfoliation without damaging the vulnerable young skin you are seeking to reveal. In microdermabrasion, a device not unlike a sandblaster is used to coat your skin with tiny crystals; then a gentle mix of abrasion and suction is applied. The crystals loosen the dead skin cells from the surface of your complexion; then the suction lifts them away.

With multiple treatments, microdermabrasion may reduce the appearance of small wrinkles, helping you achieve a perfect, youthful looking visage for far longer than mother nature intended. This makes microdermabrasion very popular with people in the entertainment and fashion industries, where a youthful appearance is almost a job requirement. However, microdermabrasion can cost a pretty penny. Exfoliating at home can be done quite inexpensively, as facial scrubs start in the range of five to ten dollars. By contrast, a single session of microdermabrasion can cost well over a hundred and fifty dollars.

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