What to look for in a Domestic Cleaner

What to look for when hiring a domestic cleaner

We make many decisions each day.  Little decisions like what to wear, what to have for breakfast dinner and lunch.  These are small decisions we take for granted.  Within these decisions we may look for best brands, those we like the taste of and what goes with what.  Easy decisions right.

Bigger decisions then come into play.  How much we spend on shopping each week, where to shop.  We need a car how much will we spend.  A house!  Huge decision not taken lightly.  Then we need to fix the car so we go to that same garage.  We know which shops we like best.  Why?  Because we trust them.

Inviting other into our homes

What though about those we invite to our homes to carry out needed work. Do we even think about it?  Your looking for a domestic cleaner to come to your home each week, clean your home tidy your things away.  This is done probably when your not at home.  You give them access into your home.  Your Home.  Do you even need to consider who is coming into your home?

The Domestic

You should simply because as mentioned they are in your home when your not there.  So this article will hopefully help you too consider some things when hiring a local domestic cleaner.  First off its always a good idea to check local listings.  Now its 2016 so they should have a website.  Does it look professional?  Is there a picture of them, a contact number?  What about social media, a Facebook page.  Once you’ve made contact arrange a meeting in a neutral location if you want too. 


This meeting can also be held at your home. Ask questions but better to try and get to know them. We can make decisions today quickly on wether we trust a person.  Does their appliance give a god impression?  Do they know what they are talking about?  You then want to look at what others say. Testimonials also are very helpful.

There are many many things to look out for when hiring a domestic cleaner.  But this article is just dealing with the beginning part meeting the person.  Hopefully once you’ve met them and feel happy with them you then discuss the cleaning part of their work.

Next we will discuss being a domestic cleaner, the equipment a domestic cleaner would use s as to provide a helpful insight in what to look for when hiring a domestic cleaner.

Looking for a good Window Cleaner

What to Look for when hiring a Window Cleaner

Many things in life require a certain amount of consideration.  For instance, buying a car takes time to make sure your not getting an old banger.  Buying a house is a huge decision one that takes a lot of research and time.  Then at the shops which can of beans should you buy?  Which shoes go best with that outfit.  All decisions some bigger than others but we would say they are important.

Do you think anyone ever thinks about the workman trader that comes to your home?  No doubt you do, its just normal and wise to research who is actually coming into your home.  They need to be trustworthy first of all then you really do want someone reliable.

Who is Cleaning Windows in your area

What though about the person your hiring to come and clean your windows?  Do you ever think about them and who they actually are?  I bet you don’t really.  You may go off a recommendation or you may of seen him or her in your area all well and good.  But how do you know you have found the right person to clean your windows?

Appearance First

You could look first of all at their appearance.  Really thats a good start.  Do they look like they know what they are doing?  What are they wearing, a uniform or clothes for the pub?  Do they have the right equipment.  These things are important and you may not of thought about them before but please consider them in the future.  A good window cleaner wether a company or a sole trader will do his or her best to look professional.  This is not just down to appearance or the equipment they use but do they carry business cards with contact details on.  Its 2016, they should have some sort of online presence be it Facebook Twitter or a website.  Take a look on their website if they have one I’ve seen plenty of good Window cleaner websites they should have one.


Now again its 2016 times have changed and so has the method of window cleaning.  A good window cleaner today will be using the reach and wash system.  End of, ladders are no longer the professionals choice.  Have a look at his work when he’s done and see if you agree that the work he’s doing is a very good standard.  Reach and wash window cleaning should leave your windows sparkling.  Have a look you will see that the quality of the work is excellent.

Thats just  a couple of thoughts on what to look for when choosing a window cleaner in your local area.  Next time we will go into a bit more depth on the equipment methods and online presence for a window cleaner and whats being used in the window cleaning industry today.